Not a curse any more

I recently had a conversation with my mom about generational curses.  We were discussing the various curses that not only our family, but others, face.  If you're not sure what I'm talking about here are some examples.

Abuse in all forms.

The list goes on.  Basically a generational curse is a behavior, thought process or perhaps an action that is repeated through out a family for multiple generations.  Simple enough. 

It is a spiritual battle.  One that is fought on our knees in prayer, as well, on our feet in a strong stance against the schemes of the enemy. 

Over the past years, I have stood beside God in battle over my life and my sons.  Mom and I were discussing the steps I have taken to ensure that the legacy I leave my boys is one of God-fearing love and strength. 

During our discussion I thought back about how, with God's word, common sense and a no nonsense approach to life that there were curses broken.  One example of a curse broken was education.  My sons will be the first on their father's side to receive a high school diploma.  Another example is that my sons are the first in both mine and their father's side to have the same mother and father.  This is huge.

On the flip side I still passed to them a spirit of divorce.  That thought briefly entered my mind that day.  I quickly gave it to God and went on about my business.  I'm healed from the divorce and have raised my sons to know that marriage is a commitment and not one to be taken lightly.  I believe that when they are ready to get married they will be ready for the steadfast dedication it takes and by the grace of God will have picked an equal partner.  Only time will tell.

Later that day I took my son's dog for a walk.  We found a new neighborhood full of beautiful houses and pristine yards.  Nice cars in the driveway and neighbors chit chatting by their mail boxes.  A neighborhood that I would have loved to have raised my children in.  A decent, well kept, upper middle class neighborhood.

Usually when I find myself passing through an area like that it breaks my heart.  I wanted to raise my sons with a picket fence.  One where, not only all their needs were met but most of their wants were too.  I wanted the pool in the back yard.  Community picnics and yard sales.  I wanted the marriage of a life time, to raise my boys in a loving environment where both parents worked together for the benefit of the family.  I desired so greatly to have a room for each kid and a large recreation room where family game nights were played. 

It may not seem like much especially if you are on the other side of that big, beautiful home but to me it was just about everything. 

During that walk something happened.  Instead of crying, I remember taking a deep breath, scent of freshly cut grass filling my lungs and ... for the very first time ... in about 8 years ... I smiled. 

There was not a shred of sadness, guilt, hurt, anger, defeat or brokenness. 

Just a realization that maybe one day this will be the type of neighborhood my grandchildren will grow up in. Perhaps one day, I will be watching them run around the front yard catching fire flies.  I will be playing hide and seek all through the house while their mommy and daddy are getting ready for a date night.  Maybe we'll camp out in the back yard, eating S'mores.

The possibilities are endless.  The fact that I could be the last of my family line to have that brokenness ... That definitely makes me smile.  It reminds me of how faithful God is.

Your turn. What are some things you are breaking free from?  What areas in your life do you see from the previous generations that you don't want to see in the next?  It starts with one decision to do something different, to think something different, and to pray something different. 


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