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I have been fortunate enough to be on this amazing planet for over 40 years.  I have experience things that have elated my soul.  Other moments have brought me to my knees in utter despair.  I have blah moments and pretty good moments.

I've had periods of my life where I could go back just to relive them.  Not to change anything but to be able to smell my sweet children's hair.  Perhaps to hold their tiny little hands again.  I would go back to when I homeschooled, those moments when we all discovered something new.

Then there are moments that you just couldn't pay me enough to relive.  Times where I was so scared of the diagnosis.  So unsure of my future.  The period of time where my heart was so broken, I felt like a shell of a person moving through life.

My point to this is that we all have that blessed opportunity to look to our past.  Cherishing some things and cringing at others.

We all have experienced joy and love along with fear and pain.

The tricky part is n…

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