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been thinking

I recently saw a video about mom shaming.   It was posted by a woman that I have come to admire, though I have never met her.  She keeps things real.  She speaks from the heart.  She is funny.
In one video post she is hiding in her pantry with a pot of coffee encouraging moms that you are enough.  In another, she is sharing how she was ready to love again after her divorce.  Very real, at times very raw.
One of her recent video posts, as I mentioned, was about mom shaming.   What not to do.  How to turn your judgment into something positive.  How to be kind. It was a great, funny video.  
I just couldn't relate.  
I couldn't relate because I can't think of a time I was mom shamed.  Oh, I'm sure people had their opinions but my radar never picked up on it.  
So I've been thinking ... why?  Why didn't I hear anyone say anything about the fact that I didn't breastfeed.  I had no desire to.  I tried with my 1st son, for like a day.  I tried with my 2nd son, for…

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